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SCUBA Training. It’s what we do. Since 1988 the Dive Pros have continued to raise the bar for all other SCUBA training programs on the Gulf Coast. Our goal is to train you to be not just “Certified” to dive, but more importantly, train you to be a”Qualified” diver. This often involves a little more pool and open water time than other training programs. This process entails more time with learning the knowledge that divers must have, more time developing and practicing diving skills, and more time applying that knowledge and those skills to develop safe practices and attitudes about diving. SCUBA Certification Cards never expire so it is probably best to get as much as you can out of your course while you are taking it. Some training programs actually promote how quickly they can get you certified. Would you choose a pilot training program because it was quicker? How about going to a Doctor who brags about how quickly he can examine and treat you? Don’t worry though, we won’t waste your time. You will find our training program to be thorough and efficient while always striving to be as fun and educational as possible.

Our educational program employs state of the art instructional methods and technology delivered by highly skilled certified professional instructors who are dedicated to your success and bound by our commitment to “Safety Through Education”. Education is the most important thing we do. Our Instructors are the best there are. Each has been carefully selected for their knowledge, skills, and love of diving. The Dive Pros instructor team will work harder and provide you with far more training than the minimum required by industry standards.

Our extensive course offerings include:

  •  Basic SCUBA & Snorkeling for Children & Adults
  • Advanced and Specialty Courses
  • Technical Programs
  • Leadership Training (Divemaster & Assistant Instructor)
  • Instructor Preparation & Evaluation
  • Professional Continuing Education

We enthusiastically accept divers from all recognized training agencies into our programs

Two options to get started:

Scuba Diver Course – $279: The Cornerstone to a lifetime of adventure! 

*Ask about our Military Discount.  Course fees subject to change. 

Course Includes:

  • Dive Science
  • Dive Safety
  • Equipment
  • Aquatic environment
  • Dive insurance during class
  • Subscription to Dive Training Magazine
  • Controlled pool training in heated, on-site pool

 Education Materials Include:

  • Textbook
  • Dive Computer Simulator
  • Divers Log Book
  • Recognition Materials
  • International Certification Card

Two Course Schedule Options:

Schedule A: 1 Week (Traditional or e-Learning Academics)

Mon: Classroom 6pm-9pm  Tues: Classroom 6pm-9pm  Wed: Pool 6pm-9pm  Thurs: Pool 6pm-9pm  Fri: Pool 6pm-9pm

Saturday: Open Water Dives*  Sunday: Open Water Dives

Saturday/Sunday: Open Water dives (usually morning dives)

Schedule B: 2 weekends (Traditional or e-Learning Academics)

Week 1: Friday: Classroom 6pm-9pm  Saturday: Academics/Pool 8am-4pm  Sunday: Pool/Pool 8am-4pm

Week 2: Friday: Academics/Make up 6pm  Saturday: Open Water Dives*  Sunday: Open Water Dives*

Saturday/Sunday: Open Water dives (usually morning dives)

*    All training schedules & Open Water dive times are dependent on factors such as weather, tides, events, availability of access to local dive sites, etc. Please make allowance for changes in schedules if necessary.

Private Instruction, eLearning & Referral Instruction is also available

  • Instruction that fits around your schedule
  • Personalized, one-on-one convenience

 Additional / Optional Fees (Some or all may apply)

  • Charter Boat Fees (Optional)
  • Park Entrance Fees (Fort Pickens/Vortex Springs)
  • Travel Expenses to Open Water Dive Sites

Required Personal Snorkeling Equipment      

  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Snorkel
  • Bathing Suit /Towel

Recommended Additional Personal Equipment

  • Booties
  • Gloves
  • Gear Bag

Discover SCUBA DIVING – $50

A quick briefing with one of our Professional Instructors and you will be underwater blowing bubbles in no time.  This will give you a chance to experience the thrill of SCUBA and see for yourself what all the excitement is all about.

  • Bring a bathing suit and towel
  • Requires a completed medical questionnaire and liability release
  • Pool time with an Instructor

Private Discover SCUBA sessions available upon request – $79

Two easy paths for those pressed for time

Referral Program – $249:  We accept student referrals from PADI, NAUI, SSI and several other agencies under the Universal Referral Program.  This allows  you to complete the academic and confined water portion of your SCUBA class with your local dive center, and do your open water training dives with our instructors over 2 days. The Referral training is typically done one on one allowing you the best personalized experience with a minimum time commitment. Price includes all rental SCUBA equipment and all certification cost. Price does not include charter boat fees or park entry fees for certain dive sites. Make sure you bring all your paperwork from your local instructor.  If you have any questions please contact us.

Start training at home finish with the Dive Pros

e-Learning:  Start your SCUBA class in the comfort of your own home with computer based interactive training.  Through our e-Learning programs you can complete all the academic requirements for your course on line.  Once you have completed the academics you will receive a certificate of completion that qualifies you to enroll in our e-Learning completion course where our Professional Instructors will guide you through the necessary pool and openwater training.  Don’t worry if you ever get stumped by anything or need more information.  e-Learning students have access to Professional assistance and real human interaction whenever they need it.  One quick phone call or email will get you back on track.  We accept all agency e-Learning certificates.