Inshore Dives

Joe Patti Memorial Reef

Depth: 35-50ft
GPS Location: Latitude: 30 17.330’N Longitude: 87 13.755’W

Sunk in July 2013 the Joe Patti Memorial Reef instantly became of the areas most popular inshore dive sites. The metal artwork welded to the top of the barge truly represent all things Pensacola. The barge lays in 50′ of water with the top of the structure sitting at about 35′. This shallow wreck is a popular dive site for divers of all experience levels.

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Three Coal Barges

Depth: 40-50ft
Location: Latitude 30 17.450′ N Longitude 87 13.257′ W

In 1974, the 3 Coal Barges were sunk about 3 miles southeast of Pensacola Pass. Originally designated for an offshore reef location, during transport the barges broke free and were sunk at there current location by the US Navy before they washed ashore. The years have taken their toll on the barges, however they now lie in several broken pieces surrounded by a field of bridge rubble which was placed around the site to rejuvenate it.

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Tex Edwards Barge

Depth: 65-75ft
GPS Location: Latitude 30 16.138′ N Longitude 87 10.157′ W

Sunk in 1982 the Tex Edwards Barge sits in about 75′ of water roughly 7 miles east of Pensacola Pass. While the site has subsided some over the years, large sections of the barge remain intact. With several large overhangs, this site attracts a wide variety of sea life. This is a popular dive site for all levels of recreational divers.

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Lane Gilchrist Reef (Bridge Rubble)

Depth: 40-50ft
GPS Location: Latitude 30 17.467’N Longitude 87 13.773’W

This site is comprised of 8000 tons of concrete rubble from that was removed from the old Gulf Breeze Fishing Bridge which was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. In a collaborative project between Escambia County and the city of Gulf Breeze, Escambia County Marine Resources deployed the rubble on a 60 acre site located about 3 miles southeast of Pensacola Pass with a maximum depth around 50′.

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