CJ had always wanted to learn how to dive. In 1998 she took the plunge and was instantly “hooked”.   She kept diving every week and took more training, coming up through the ranks of Advanced, Rescue, O2 provider, Master SCUBA Diver, and Dive Master. CJ earned her NAUI Instructor rating in 2011.


Anyone who has been diving with her knows that she is passionate about spear fishing. She can be found most any Friday out on the boat filling the cooler with fish or helping someone else learn the finer points of underwater hunting. She enjoys sharing her love of diving and spear fishing with others and has helped many divers learn the ropes.

Some of her favorite local dive sites include the Avocet, Pete Tide II, Green’s Hole, USS Oriskany, Brass Wreck, Paradise Hole, and Chevron Rig.

Her favorite travel destinations include Cozumel, Tulum, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and the Florida Keys.

When she’s not out diving she enjoys riding her motorcycle and spending time with her children.